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What happens when I place my order?

Within one business day your order will be reviewed and given to one of our experienced artists. You will be emailed your free artwork proof within 1 business days so you may approve the final design and specifications. You are allowed unlimited revisions to make sure the design is perfect. Upon approval you have the option to go straight to full production or request a pre-production sample photo for final approval. Once in production, standard label orders ship within 15 business days. Rush turnaround is also available for select products. If you have any questions along the way a label specialist is always available to assist.

What is your turnaround time?

Standard turnaround for custom clothing labels is within 15 business days from your approval of artwork or your sample. Rush turnaround is also available for select products, to ship within 10 business days from approval. See the turnaround options on each product page for availability.

Turnaround begins when your order has passed review by a label specialist and you approve your free artwork proof or sample via email.

In the rare case of a delay any rush charge would be refunded in full and shipping upgraded at no additional charge. Rush is only currently available for orders of 5000 pieces or less. Please allow 14 business days for orders of 10000 or more or with Peel and Stick, Iron On or Cut to Shape options.

How do I repeat a previous order?

You may easily re-order more of a previous order by logging into your customer account and hitting "Reorder" next to any order. If you have checked out as a guest you may simply put your old order number in the description box of a new order. You can always find your old order number in your emails. You may call us anytime during business hours at 1(800)866-0212 if assistance is required.

How is the price of my label determined?

The price of your order depends on the quantity and size. That's it! We are the first company in the industry to provide our instant pricing to help you order the perfect custom clothing labels. Getting the best labels can be fun, easy and hassle free with our highly trained label specialist's waiting for your call during business hours. No need to consult complex price charts, provide personal information or wait for individual price quotes based on your design. Any design, up to 8 colors for the best price online at this quality with free artwork!

What is the minimum quantity I can order?

The minimum order quantity for most custom clothing labels is 5 pieces. Please note: Some products have a higher minimum.

Are there any hidden fees for my order?

No! There are no hidden fees associated with your order and all prices are upfront and in your instant order summary. The cost for your custom product is calculated and shown to you before placing your order. All services required to produce your order, including artwork and setup is free and included with your order.

How do I decide what type of label to choose?

Each type of label has unique characteristics that make them work well in different situations. Our woven labels are our most popular product and are recommended in most situations where a soft, luxurious clothing label is required. Printed Soft Satin is a great choice for silky care and content labels that won't irritate the skin. Printed Cotton Labels provide a natural look and soft feel.

Will I be able to see what my label will look like before you make the full order?

Yes! All orders are reviewed by a label specialist to determine the artwork requirements of each order. If you have supplied 100% finished artwork that requires no adjustments and can be sent straight to production then we will produce exactly what has been provided to us. If we need to make any adjustments to your artwork or create your label with the logo and description provided, this is included free with your order. Our art department will prepare your free artwork and email it to you for approval before we begin the full production of your order.

Can I have my sample mailed to me for in hand inspection?

Yes! We try to avoid sending out physical samples because they can take the same time as a full order and the high quality photo is usually sufficient. However, if you absolutely require a physical sample we can provide this for you free of charge for orders of 5000 pieces or larger. Please ensure you have the time required to wait for the sample (7-10 business days) and request this service in the detailed description of your order. In hand samples are not available for orders under 5000 pieces.

Can I discuss the unique details of my order with an industry professional over the phone?

Yes! You may always call our New York office M-F 9-5:30 EST to go over any questions with a label specialist. Please call 1-800-866-0212 Email any artwork files to sales@newyorkcustomlabels.com.

Will my labels arrive ready to be applied?

Yes! All custom clothing labels arrive finished and ready to be applied to your garments. Damask and Satin material is delicately heat cut for a super soft finish and edges that do not fray. Cotton labels cannot be heat cut and arrive with two finished edges and two unfinished edges. Simply leave some room to fold back the unfinished edges or insert the label into a seam for a beautiful final appearance.

Do you provide ultrasonic cutting for the softest possible edges?

Yes! Orders of 5000 pieces or more may request ultrasonic cutting for a slightly softer edge. This may add a small amount to your order and 2-3 business days to the turnaround time. In our experience our traditional heat cut edges are just as soft and it is hard to tell the difference between the two. However, it is available upon special request in the detailed description of your order. It is not available for orders under 5000 pieces.

Will my custom clothing labels bleed in the wash?

Woven labels and digital printed labels will never fade or bleed in the wash. These products use premium color-fast threads and the design is embedded into the material itself. Screen printed labels are also very durable and will last many washes and will not bleed. However, due to the nature of this process and natural inks used the design may begin to show signs of wear after heavy use.

How do I apply Iron On labels?

Simply use a heat press or home iron set to medium cotton setting or around 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Press on with steady pressure for 15-20 seconds. Let cool completely.

What are your hours of operation?

Our New York headquarters is open M-F 9-5:30 EST A label specialist is always available to go over the details of your order in person.

How do I design my clothing labels?

Designing your labels is simple! First, decide where you plan on placing the label and how you would like to attach it. Once this is clear you need to determine the size of your label. A good way to do this is to use a ruler and cut a small piece of paper to test size and placement. Then prepare some artwork. For straight cut labels simply draw a square or rectangle with your design inside of it. Be sure to leave any room needed for sewing along the edges. For folded labels please provide a drawing of the unfolded label, as if laying flat and unfolded on a table. Indicate the exact placement of the fold (usually the center) and be sure to leave the required room for sewing on the ends. Please provide the complete, unfolded size when ordering a folded label. If you need artwork assistance our graphic artists can help! This is included free with your order. For more information visit our Design Guide!

What type of artwork files should I submit?

We can accept many file types but the most important is you provide the highest quality artwork files available. Vector files such as .ai, .eps or .svg are preferred. Please ensure all fonts are converted to curves before saving. If vector artwork is not available then a very high quality bitmap file such as .jpg, .png or .tif is usually acceptable. If any artwork adjustments are needed our talented graphic artists can assist at no additional charge.

How Do I Specify My Colors?

Im most cases we are able to match the colors of your artwork very accurately. If you need to provide more specific color descriptions or Pantone color codes you may do so in the detailed description of your order. We cannot guarantee an exact pantone to thread color match but our vast thread selection will ensure the closest match possible.

How small can my text be?

This depends on the product you are ordering. Keep in mind that even a large size font with very thin lines or small curves can be hard to replicate clearly. Using a basic font, woven labels allow for 6 point, digital printed labels around 5 point and screen printed labels 4 point as the absolute minimum. Go as large as possible, use a simple font and make sure the color you select contrasts well to achieve legible results.

What if my design has excessive detail?

Label designs with many colors or photographic style often work best with digital printed labels. If we determine there is too much detail for a woven label our talented artists can make the recommended adjustments free of charge and email you the design to approve before we make the full order.

When will my order ship?

Once you approve your free artwork or we determine you have provided finished artwork your order turnaround time begins and production of your order will start. You may then calculate an approximate ship date based on your turnaround selection. Your order status, dates and order details are always available on your customer account page.

Where does my order ship from?

All orders ship from our Woodstock, New York facility after passing quality control.

Can you ship on my UPS or Fedex account if I provide my account number?

Yes! Simply include the account number in the detailed description section of your order and we will refund your shipping charge and ship the order using your account number.

Do I have to pay customs and duty if my order is shipped outside the US?

All orders shipped to international locations may be subject to the customs or duty required by that country. It is the customer's responsibility to cover any costs associated with these regulations.

What if there is a problem with my order when I receive it?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your labels please contact our office and our experienced sales staff will be happy to assist you

Where are your products manufactured?

We work with manufacturing partners both in the USA and around the globe. Our clothing labels and patches are primarily produced at 5 star facilities in China and India. We are also able to provide a custom quote for clothing labels manufactured in the USA when requested. Printed products including basic hang tags are printed locally in New York City. If you have any other about where our products are manufactured please let us know.